Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cortijo de la Cruz 2,5l


The perfect container for home or restaurant kitchens, thinking of families who love healthy food. Our 2.5 l can. easily storable, provides the necessary autonomy to consume EVOO for a longer time, daily from an oil can.

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At Cortijo de la Cruz we are heirs of more than 100 years of family tradition, in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. As a result of work and experience, and thinking of the most demanding consumers of the 21st century, we decided to bottle a selection of our best Picudas and Hojiblancas olives, in an 80/20 ratio, to create a Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an exceptional product .

The olives are harvested during the month of October, exclusively by hand and in limited quantity.

Its aroma is intense fruity of green olives, of great complexity and harmony, with fruity notes of apple and banana, highlighting the tomato bush, the green almond for its intensity, as well as the freshly cut grass. Its entry into the mouth is very sweet, characteristic of the peaked variety, appreciating the almond and herbaceous notes of green wheat on the front. When passing to the background you can see the tomato, the green banana and the artichoke, the bitterness is almost imperceptible and with a very light final itch that the Hojiblanca olive brings us, together with the balance, harmony and elegance of its aroma.


Product description


Variety: 80% Picudo / 20% Hojiblanca

Soil type: Clay with a high content of calcium carbon.

Terrain: Traditional mountain olive grove with high unevenness.

Altitude: 700 to 1000 meters above sea level.

Climate: Continental Mediterranean with average rainfall and marked temperature fluctuations.

Varieties: Olives from the Picuda and Hojiblanca olive groves, 100% dry

Time: Month of October.

Collection: Manual and beached.

Extraction: No later than four hours after harvesting by a continuous two-phase system, cold and by centrifugation.

Conservation: In stainless steel tanks, with a nitrogen atmosphere.


Analytical data:

Acidex Maximum: 0.14%

Peroxide value: 4.00 meq. O2 / kg

K270: 0.13

Moisture: 0.16%

Impurities: 0.02%

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

1 Can, 3 cans, 6 cans


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