Organic extra virgin olive oil Cortijo de la Cruz 

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Since 1900, our family has been producing high-quality virgin olive oil and dedicating itself to achieving excellency in processing our oil, starting from the growing and caring for our olive trees, to the milling of the olives, their conservation and marketing of the final product.

Our olive grove is situated in the province of Jaen, bordering the provinces of Cordoba and Granada. Being right in the heart of Andalusia with a unique micro-climate for the growing of olive trees, together with the continental Mediterranean climate with high rainfalls and important thermal changes, all this provide the ideal environment for the cultivation of the best olives.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

With the olives collected during the first week of the harvesting season, we create a full 100 % supreme quality, cold-pressed olive juice.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Olfactory phase: An intense green fruitiness, green apple. A variety of nuances show its great complexity. Reminiscents of newly mowed grass and touches of garden herbs, such as tomato plant and green almond.

Tasting Phase: Balanced in the mouth, smooth at first, touches of green almond, medium bitterness and spiciness. A perfectly structured oil, long, persistent and far from leaving the taster indifferent. A splash of sensations on the palate.

Combinations: Use in crude, ideal on toasts and salads, gourmet dishes, blue fish, pasta, carpaccios and meats.

Combinations for Cortijo de la Cruz Olive Oil

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Healthy life

The Organic extra virgin olive oil of Cortijo de La Cruz contains quantities of important monounsaturated fats as well as oleic acid that are related to reducing the risk of coronary disease. Besides, it contains antioxidants and other anti-inflammatorial nutrients that could lower the levels of bad cholesterol, fight free radicals and prevent premature ageing. It could help reducing weight and it soothes joint pains. It is an ally against diabetes, strengthens the immune system, lowers high blood pressure, controls cholesterol and moreover, enhances the beauty of your hair and skin.